At House Call Doctor, we are only as good as our people. We put a lot of time and effort into building our team of dedicated medical practitioners, so we can continue to deliver the highest level of after hours, in home medical care to our local communities.

Our focus is on creating a rewarding, meaningful and flexible work environment. We work to accommodate your commitments and provide an outstanding work/life balance while supporting your ongoing career progression.

If you are an Australian or Internationally Trained Medical Graduate with at least two years of post-graduate experience and full registration with the Medical Board of Australia, you are eligible to apply with House Call Doctor. Both Vocationally Registered and Non-Vocationally Registered doctors are encouraged to apply. If you are Non-Vocationally Registered and looking to obtain Fellowship in General Practice, we can support you in this process.

What it Means to Work at House Call Doctor

We provide a vital service to patients across Queensland, delivering fast, reliable and professional after-hours medical care in their own homes. Being a part of our team means playing an essential part in filling the healthcare gap, serving the community and improving the availability of quality medical care when and where it’s needed.

House Call Doctor values the people who make our vision possible.

What We Can Offer You

House Call Doctor offers competitive remuneration and outstanding working conditions. We look after you, allowing you to focus on what matters most: quality patient care.

Working with House Call Doctor means:

  • A work/life balance: Our flexible shifts mean you can work as much or as little as you want, to create the work/life balance you deserve. Work around your schedule, working varied hours of your choosing between 6pm and 8am weeknights and weekends from noon Saturday until 8am Monday. Attend patients in their homes in any of our locations across Queensland.
  • Full support: From Medicare and Department of Health applications to Medicare and DVA billing, we will take care of all the administration so that your time is dedicated to your patients. Additional support on the road with patient contact, directions and general administration provided by a dedicated centralised Dispatch team.
  • Career development: We also value and support your career development and personal growth. Working with House Call Doctor allows you to gain up to 2.5 years towards your eligibility to sit the RACGP Fellowship exam.
  • A safe working environment: Your safety is very important to us, to this end our dispatch team and Shift supervisor are there to keep a watchful eye and are always only a phone call away. House Call Doctor can also furnish you with a company vehicle and driver who will pick you up, accompany you on your home visits and drop you home after each shift.
    Our practice is opiate-free.
  • Everything you need is provided: You’ll have your own dedicated triage and appointment scheduling service, and if requested a company vehicle and driver to take you to your home visits (with all fuel and toll costs covered), and a fully stocked doctors bag with complimentary medications.

For any enquiries, or to register your interest, please contact:

James Wood
General Manager

M: +61 448 185 715

E: [email protected]  

Or click here to register your interest or  apply online

Our Vision

House Call Doctor is revolutionising the way healthcare is delivered, reducing the pressure on hospitals by bringing professional, quality medical care to the patient’s door.

Our goal is to bring this exceptional level of service, quality and patient care to every corner of Queensland. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far for the healthcare industry, and strive to lead a Queensland focussed after-hours, in-home medical service that delivers the finest patient experiences and medical outcomes.

We are actively working to achieve this vision through 6 primary objectives:

  1. Excel in our level of specialised after hours, in-home healthcare with the support of our qualified team of medical professionals
  2. Grow our team with highly qualified, professional and compassionate doctors and medical staff
  3. Exceed service expectations of our patients, doctors, and staff
  4. Deliver reliable access to 100% bulk billed after hours medical care
  5. Maintain the House Call Doctor quality in every consultation and all that we do as a business
  6. And, support General Practice by caring for their patients in the after-hours period, ensuring continuity of care for the community.

Values and Philosophies

At House Call Doctor, our values and philosophies underlie our business structure, decisions, and activities. We are committed to making a positive contribution to our community and society, and this is reflected in our guiding principles.

We believe in a simple, straightforward code, and this is what guides and informs the service we provide. Our six fundamental values are as follows:

  1. Quality: Our standards for quality are extremely high, and we consistently strive to maintain and exceed these standards. With ongoing measuring, monitoring, and adjusting, we are able to ensure that we are constantly improving and always meeting the needs of our patients, doctors, and staff.
  2. Innovation: It’s only with innovation and invention that society can advance and flourish. House Call Doctor encourages and embraces innovation in technology, systems, and processes in order to deliver our service and achieve our objectives in better, more efficient and more effective ways.
  3. Teamwork: Collaboration and sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources are necessary for improvement and growth. We foster a team culture and encourage open communication and contribution, enabling us to pass on the benefits to our patients, doctors, and staff.
  4. Service: Our service offering is based on not only meeting but exceeding expectations. Whether it’s our patients or our staff, we always strive to go about and beyond.
  5. Integrity: Integrity is at the core of how we operate as a business. Adhering to strict moral principles and professional standards, we are able to deliver a standard of medical care that patients are not only comfortable with, but trust is confidential, transparent, honest and respectful.
  6. Compassion: Our service is driven by compassion. We want to provide caring, supportive and reliable medical care to those who need it, when they need it, making quality healthcare accessible to everyone.