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House Call Doctor sends a home doctor to you and your family when your regular GP is closed at night and on weekends and public holidays. The home doctor visits are bulk-billed and doctors treat patients in their home, hotels, nursing homes, aged care facilities and tourist destinations across Queensland and northern New South Wales.

To book a home doctor to make a house call patients should call 13 55 66 or book online or via the House Call Doctor App.

House Call Doctor is proudly Queensland-owned and Queensland’s largest after-hours provider of home doctor house calls.


Why House Call Doctor?

House Call Doctor is the leading home doctor service in Queensland and northern New South Wales. Home doctor visits are bulk billed for all Medicare and DVA card holders and most importantly consultation notes from the after-hours visit are sent to the patient’s regular GP the following day to ensure continuity of care.

House Call Doctor treats non-life threatening conditions and illnesses therefore helping take the pressure off local hospital emergency departments.

Patients who book a home doctor house call are asked to provide:

  • The full name and date of birth of the patient.
  • The Medicare card or DVA card number of the patient (or a credit card if not eligible for bulk billing).
  • The full address of the patient.
  • The symptoms the patient is experiencing.
  • The name of the patient’s regular General Practitioner or medical centre.
  • The patient’s email address.


When to call House Call Doctor?

Deciding whether to phone an after-hours home doctor service or an emergency service can seem like a difficult decision. House Call Doctor uses a triage system to access patients.

If the patient’s condition is life threatening, they should call 000 and request an ambulance. If it is a serious medical problem, the patient should visit the local hospital emergency department. House Call Doctor triages patients and provides urgent after-hours care.

Examples of situations and/or illnesses that a home doctor can be called for are:

  • Common cold
  • Physical injuries (i.e. sprains)
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Fever
  • Nausea/vomiting and gastro

If a child is experiencing common symptoms with an illness including dehydration, high fever, difficulty eating etc. a home doctor can provide appropriate treatment as well as update the child’s regular General Practitioner with notes on the consultation. However, if there are any signs of difficulty breathing the child should immediately be taken to the hospital emergency department. Breathing difficulty can range from wheezing to fast breathing. As well as this, if a child is experiencing any chest pains it is imperative to get in contact with emergency services.


Contact Information:

Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday:
6:00pm – 8:00am
from 12:00pm

Sunday & Public Holidays:
24 hours

To request a home doctor house call House Call Doctor on 13 55 66, or request a home doctor online at or by using the App.

Call centre staff remain in contact with patients to update them on the progress of their booking and the doctor’s estimated arrival time.